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Welcome to TuretDesign.com!


Thank you for choosing to visit us! After years of watching others develop their websites, we decided to develop one that expresses who we are and what we do. Because we're new to website design, our site is still a work in progress, with many of its features in place, but a few empty holes still to be filled. We appreciate your bearing with us during this early building phase, and look forward to a time in the near future when this will be behind us.

Since one of the keys to any site's success is its ease of navigability, here are a few quick notes on ours:

Home - This is where you are now. To return here from any other page in the site, just click on the golden Turet Design logo in the top left corner.

Online Store - Located along the left side of each page are the links to our gallery, which contains everything from traditional stones to one-of-a-kind lapidary art and collectibles, and from one-of-a-kind pieces of custom jewelry to more readily available products, equipment and supplies. For your viewing pleasure, we've sorted everything into six categories. Click on any thumbnail image to see what's in store and, again, be sure to check back often - our inventory changes frequently!

Faceted Gems Gem Carvings Cabochons
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Customer Service - Also located along the left side, this button will take you to a description of our terms of service and explanations of a great many other details about this site and the business behind it.

Services - Is a beloved pair of earrings missing an unusually-shaped stone? Has the table on Granny's old Sapphire worn down to a matte-finish cabochon? Have you stumbled onto a great parcel of "Whatchamacallit-ite" that you're thinking about having cut? Or, did your favorite goldsmith accidentally chip that prized Tourmaline fantasy cut? No problem ! Here, you'll find the answers to all of these questions, and more!

Articles - For more than two decades, gem cutters and jewelers have turned to Douglas Turet for his insights on overcoming numerous gem-related challenges. We've saved several of their questions along with his responses, and placed them here for your interest and education.

The Exodus Project - After more than three decades on the drawing board, this page celebrates the birth of our philanthropic cause - a way to honor an old promise and help some of society's most creative yet challenged kids to develop into more than they otherwise might. Although not yet registered as a non-profit organization (we expect this to change, in time), The Exodus Project serves as our most deeply felt and, hopefully, longest lasting way of giving back to our community. We trust you'll find it as inspirational and empowering as we and our friends have, and hope you'll find room for some of the products mentioned when creating your own "inspiring" pieces.





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